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Relationship-based Therapy

At Good Insight Counseling, we recognize that no individual is an island. Our connections to others have a strong impact on how we see ourselves. Relationships, while a central and vitally important part of our lives, are not always easy. Even when we are motivated to make things better, it can be very hard to see how when you are stuck in the same negative patterns.  If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship (any relationship), you have come to the right place! Whether you are arguing more than connecting with your partner, struggling through infidelity, trying to redefine your role as an adult in your family of origin, helping your kids through a divorce, struggling with co-parenting, facing a change in relationship with your teen, at an impasse with your best friend, or many other relationship issues, I can help!

The Help You Need

I offer therapy for couples, families, individuals, and even friends or the family that you have chosen for yourself! I have worked with individuals, couples and families of all sizes, ages, and lifestyles. As a systems-focused, relationship-based therapist, I am specially trained in relationships. Working from a client-focused, strength-based perspective, I help couples and families understand each other and begin the healing process, leading to stronger relationships. I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy with couples and utilize an attachment lens with families and individuals. I also work with clients to identify patterns that no longer serve them and support them in creating new ones that do.

Everyone is welcome and supported

Creating a safe space for therapy is vitally important - I maintain my office as a non-judgmental safe space for all individuals regardless of culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, family structure, or lifestyle preference. I have experience with various walks of life - traditional families, two home families, single parent families, multiple generation families, polyamorous families, LGBTQ+ indentifying individuals and their families, & kink-relationships of many types - all are welcome and celebrated at Good Insight Counseling, LLC.


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